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About Us

North Carolina is in a period of transition. Every year we see a greater turnover of foster parents, resulting in a lack of homes for children in need.

Foster Family Alliance of North Carolina is a nonprofit organization started by current foster parents who know what it’s like navigating the system first-hand. In order to prevent parental burnout and turnover, we’re changing how foster, kinship, and adoptive families get access to vital information and resources.

Foster Family Alliance began as a way to continue the work of the North Carolina Foster and Adoptive Parent Association (NCFAPA). Starting in 1975, the NCFAPA provided training to foster and adoptive parents in North Carolina through a state-funded yearly conference. Unfortunately, due to political and economic challenges, it was went dormant in 2015.

The organization was revived in 2018 with the goal of recruiting more quality foster and adoptive parents, offering assistance to existing families, and establishing needed changes in policy.

Our personal experience allows us to see areas where there are opportunities for positive change. We recognize the need for collaborative efforts between individuals, policy makers, and local agencies. By helping foster parents build relationships within public and private organizations, we hope to create improved outcomes for everyone. 

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Our Board



Advisory Board

Robyn Kelly & Tanya Sloan - Loop Creative

Kimberlee Grier - Fostering Families

We are actively building our board!

These are available board positions

Communications Officer - Vacant

General Counsel - Vacant

Region 1 Member - Vacant

Region 3 Member - Vacant .

Region 5 Member - Vacant .

Region 6 Member - Vacant .

Region 7 Member - Vacant



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