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Parent Association

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Coming together to support North Carolina’s foster children and families

Foster Family Alliance is a network of individuals and organizations that care for North Carolina’s foster children. We bring together the people who make up the child welfare system as a way to bridge the gap between families and the professionals that support them.

FFA-NC works to create a place where families can feel connected to the people and resources that make the care system experience easier to navigate.  


Foster Family Alliance of North Carolina is a nonprofit organization supporting children and youth in foster care and the dedicated families and professionals that care for them.

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Foster Families NC Department of Social Services

Kinship Families Public and Private Agencies

Adoptive Families Local Foster Parent Groups YOU!

We know that being a foster parent isn’t easy. Even with access to trainings and support organizations, you can sometimes feel like you’re the only person dealing with your unique situation.

It’s not always clear where to turn to for assistance, or if you’re asking the right kind of questions in the first place.

With Foster Family Alliance, you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here to listen to your concerns and offer support and guidance.


Ready to help?

Become a Foster Parent

There are thousands of children in NC in need of a safe and loving family.

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Have questions, but don’t know where to start?

Here are ways Foster Family Alliance of North Carolina can help.

Recruitment – Interested in making a difference to the life of a child? Become a foster or adoptive parent in North Carolina.

Advocacy – Learn more about policy changes and how your voice can be heard.

Support – Concerned about a placement? Have a unique challenge that needs to be addressed? We can help connect you to resources..

Training – Gain knowledge, make friends, and get the most out of being a foster parent at one of our yearly regional summits.



Discover what’s going on in North Carolina and across the nation

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